The Best Italian Cities

Traveling to Italy – The Best Italian Cities

The best Italian cities are difficult to pinpoint because there are simply so many beautiful places to go to it wouldn’t be fair to pick out a list and say these should be seen, while ignoring all the others. If you truly want to experience Italy, then it’s best if you spend a couple of weeks there or even consider staying there a while to work or study.

The following is a description of some of the best cities that you can visit.


Rome is the capital of Italy and has a history that spans thousands of years. Ancient buildings built by the Romans line the streets, including the Coliseum, Amphitheaters, Baths and many more. It also has monumental medieval churches, fountains, museums, castles and palaces.

In addition to the historic side of Rome, the city has a vibrant night life and thriving restaurants. You can spend hours and hours just sitting in street cafes during the summer months eating and drinking coffee and watching tourists and locals stroll by.


Venice is the famous city for lovers, but it’s not just for lovers! Venice has something for everyone. It is a city built entirely on water in a lagoon and is unfortunately slowly sinking. It has many beautiful medieval and Renaissance palaces, museums and buildings as well as hundreds of bridges, including the famous Bridge of Sighs. Of course, unforgettable is San Marco’s Place at the heart of Venice with its magnificent basilica.


Milan is one of the banking capitals of Europe and is extremely wealthy and affluent because of this and has been for hundreds of years. The best shopping in Italy can be found in Milan and it is full of busy businesspeople making their way about the city all day long. There are shops that sell anything you want, restaurants that serve anything you want. It has the La Scala opera house, which is the most famous in the world as well as the Duomo palace with a facade made entirely of decorated marble.


It’s rumored that pizza comes from Naples and one of the most fun experiences is having traditional Italian pizza in a cafe in the city where pizza was invented. Naples is a port and is one of the most important cities in southern Italy. It has many ancient Roman buildings as well as medieval, Renaissance, Classical and modern ones.


The city of universities with some of the oldest schools in the world and some of the most ancient buildings in the world too that are still standing. The University here was founded in the 13th century and is still thriving. It is the home of great writers such as Umberto Eco. The medieval center of Bologna is like something from a fantasy story, with its squares decorated with porticos.


Genoa is an ancient port that was important for the northwest of Italy. It has a stunning aquarium, a historic port and a center that is said to be the largest medieval city in Europe, with hundreds of churches, castles and other ancient buildings.

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